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To the Bold Campus





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on your plate

Bar & Eatery
and Restaurant

A set wooden table with breakfast ingredients such as porridge, fruit, sandwiches, croissants, and orange juice in front of a large window overlooking a park.

Open-mindedly Delicious

Food & Drinks at Bold Campus

Our Kitchen Crew serves varied dishes with special respect for our wonderful planet.

In the luminous Bold bar & eatery refreshments are not far away. With a view of our lush and leafy park, the open area invites you to stay.

During breakfast in our restaurant, colourful porridge and hearty sandwiches have a rendezvous. At lunchtime you create a Bold Bowl to your taste.

We are always up for a culinary wink - for a midday snack or a lively get-together in the evening. Learn more about the Bold Food Concept and let us surprise you!


Together with the Bold bar & eatery, our restaurant at Bold Campus is the heart of the main house and invites guests to indulge in culinary delights.

Centrally located, hungry escapists enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a picturesque view of our park. In the mornings, sweet and savoury porridges and hearty sandwiches with colourful vegetables, optionally with bacon, come together for breakfast. The culinary journey takes you through the Taunus and into the wide world at lunchtime and in the evening. Well-known dishes meet modern varieties.

Opening Hours


Monday to Friday from 7 – 10 am

bar & eatery

Check your mails over a cappuccino, have a relaxed chat in the evening with an aperitif - our Bold bar & eatery is a place to mingle and connect.

At the bar, delicious local wines, naturally cloudy juices and non-alcoholic classics await. Or you let our mixologists whip up a signature drink. Have fun, let go, enjoy.

Opening Hours


Mon - Thu: 6 pm – 12 am

Your four-legged companion is welcome at Bold Campus. Please note however that dogs are not allowed within the Bold bar & eatery and the restaurant

Bold Bowls: Truly Tasty

Hands of a person slicing a white radish on a wooden chopping board. Around the board are carrots, celeriac, beetroot and potatoes.

Stay Curious

Bold Bowls for Lunch

At lunchtime, the Bold Bowls conjure up the good good food even more sustainably in your bowl.

Bold Bowls always consist of a foundation such as rice, lentils or glass noodles and are topped with the best ingredients from the forest, field and garden. Choose from the various creations of our Kitchen Crew for lunch. Anything goes the easy way.

Enjoy pure taste with a generous pinch of experimentation.

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Bold Campus Bowls Kale Corn

Colourfully mixed

Selection of Vegetarian Bold Bowls

Rice, Rice, Baby!

Base: rice noodles
Topping: Baby spinach, mango, avocado, cucumber, carrot and peanuts

Lentil in the Mix

Base: mixed lentils
Topping: pak choi, pickled carrots, broccoli, white beans

Cou, Cou, Couscous

Base: couscous
Topping: bell pepper, cucumber, sun tomatoes, dates and leaf parsley

A Sweet Treat:
Chia Chocolate

Dark chocolate on chia seeds
Roasted walnut and spelt stones


A tasty looking food bowl with fresh spinach, salmon, peas, rice and more

Deliciously versatile

Selection of mixed Bold Bowls

Glassy Classy

Base: glass noodles
Toppings: seaweed, sesame, pickled salmon trout, lime, ginger, cashew, chilli


Base: kale & quinoa
Toppings: agave syrup, cranberry, hazelnut, bacon cubes

Black Forest

Base: red cabbage, Ebly wheat rice
Toppings: wild boar shreds, sourdough crusts, pumpkin, garlic carrot

A Sweet Treat:
Äppler & Lime

Cream of lime on oat granola
Wild berry gel and apfelwein (apple cider) sorbet


The Good Good Food

The Food Concept at Bold Campus

We turn the best ingredients into a small selection of great dishes. Colourful delicacies with a pinch of experimentation. Always something new for plenty of flavour.

Meat in a Supporting Role

Because we care about the planet and all its inhabitants, we want to become more sustainable. Therefore, our dishes are mostly plant-based. Animal products are only served if they come from a sound source. We value regional and mostly seasonal products.

Breakfast but Better

Our breakfast takes the more sustainable route. Many of the dishes are vegan or vegetarian, and we experiment and portion. The selection is high quality. This way we put good food on your plate, you get deliciously full and less of it ends up in the bin.

Wake up, coffee, enjoy. That' s how it should be. The classics have already been prepared for you. A good old sandwich, traditionally hearty, sweet or really wild. Porridges in sweet and fruity or even try something savoury? Why not? Start the day with us with curiosity. That's Bold.

Colourful Lunch in Bowls

At lunch, too, the focus is on ingredients that are as regional as possible, mostly seasonal and always healthy. The result: Bold Bowls - varied, plant-based energy bombs that provide body and mind with a lot of energy. If desired, animal products are included, in high-quality and consciously chosen. Not only is it delicious, it's also good for the carbon footprint, reduces food waste and is better for both humans and animals.

Tattooed man in dark cooking apron holds a bunch of beetroot with both hands into the camera.
Bold Campus Food Pasta Veggies
Large selection of sandwiches with various toppings lying on wooden boards, behind them labelled boards with ingredients and the arms of a man propping himself up.
A brown, deep plate with cream-coloured soup on a wooden table, next to it a spoon on a textile napkin. A small spoon is used to sprinkle black sesame seeds on the plate.
Bold Campus Breakfast Porride Bowl Hand
Person in a chef's apron and white T-shirt holding a sliced, thick sandwich with both hands towards the camera.
Piece of honeycomb in a bowl on a wooden table
Hands of a person slicing a white radish on a wooden chopping board. Around the board are carrots, celeriac, beetroot and potatoes.
Closeup of a dessert with ice cream and berries
Bordeaux-coloured ribbon noodles garnished with green leaves and nuts, beautifully arranged on a dark plate. Next to it a fork on a cloth napkin and a glass of white wine.
Bold Campus Food Protein Balls