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Working at Bold Hotels

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Be Bold, be You

Company Culture at Bold

Grand visions need extraordinary personalities. Genuine people with passion, ideas and charisma. In other words, Bold People. All as they are.

Bold is creative.
Working at Bold, everyone gets involved and creates something. No idea is too small.

Bold is inspiration.
We bring hospitality into the future. So we rethink, disrupt and do things differently.

Bold is growth.
We never stop learning. Continuing education and personal development are integral parts of who we are.

Follow the link to our job openings.

Everyone is Bold

Inclusivity and Diversity

It starts with an inclusive application process. We're firmly committed to equality in all areas of our business, not just when it comes to equal pay. With suitable qualifications, we welcome applications from: 

  • People of all backgrounds, ethnicities and skin colours
  • People of all genders, gender identifications and gender expressions
  • LGBTQIA+* individuals
  • People with disabilities or impairments
  • People of all ages
  • People from all economic or social backgrounds

When it's a fit, we find solutions because inclusion is vital to us. At Bold, we make sure everyone can reach their full potential - according to their needs. 

Trust and Transparency

Neutral confidants are always available to our teams to talk and find solutions. If you have any questions about inclusion or equality, please get in touch with us. 


If you cannot apply via email or the form, we also accept postal applications to our headquarters in Munich. You can find the address in the website's footer; just scroll down to the end. 

Various Entry Opportunities

Bold Campus Main House Gallery Woman Sitting

Internships for everyone

Sniff some hotel air - no matter where you're at in life. Whether during your studies, as a mandatory internship or during your time at school. Let Bold inspire you. Nowadays, there's not just that one career. There are many. Just give it a try. Maybe we'll lure you to the hotel side.

Bold Campus Kitchen Crew

Apprenticeships and Growth

That hospitality soul roars inside you and wants to be brought to life. That's why you need to join Bold Hotels. We offer apprenticeships in all areas - administration professionals, kitchen staff and chefs, or event business and hotel management. Learn, discover different locations and make money. All at the same time and in rotating locations. Career development included.


Bold Campus Tree House Workspace Man

Study, but paid

Learning by doing, with countless opportunities. You immediately put the theory into action as you start your dual study program with great responsibility. Get to know all areas of the hotel universe at different locations and in fabulous teams so that it won't get boring. Your host's heart will skip a beat. And a career is guaranteed.

Bold Campus Two Office Ladies

Experts Needed 

Hospitality has been your thing forever, and nothing can knock your socks off anymore. You are a hospitality professional, so you know what's important. With your senior experience, you are a vital part of the Bold community - whether in operations or behind the scenes in marketing, finance, logistics & Co. Give your career the next kick and turn the hotel industry upside down with us.

Bold Campus Restaurant Chefs Table Preparation

Career Changers

Turn your career around and come on over to the other side. Work with people, do the impossible and create unforgettable experiences. Action, variety and countless stories are awaiting you. We want your unique perspective on things, so this is your ticket to the international world of the hotel biz. Why not try a change of job or industry? No risk, no fun!

Bold Campus Main House Restaurant FB Team

Just do it

You know precisely what you want. You are bold. You want Bold. But your dream job wasn't listed. Your time to shine. Taking the initiative is what matters now. Show us who you are and what you can do. We love proactive applications. And if it fits, we'll make it a fit.

What's important is what's important to you

Great Pay and Many Extras

Bold puts together an individual package of benefits and extras on top of your salary, matching your goals and wishes.

Your workweek will have as many days as it suits you; you can attend training or personal development courses. You choose. We'll try to make it happen. Whether you are a leader or a newcomer, we will find your offer. 

  • Part-time or 2-3-4-day week - no problem
  • Flexitime - where possible
  • Team events and kick-off parties (of course)
  • Friends & Family Rates, i.e. discounted accommodation and F&B in participating hotels
  • Training, workshops and coachings - according to your wishes and needs
  • Individual career planning
  • Great career development opportunities
  • Switch your location and/or department (if you want)
  • Job bike 
  • Optional Housing

And if you haven't found what you're looking for, please get in touch with us. We are open to talking.


Job Stories from the Bold Hotels

Bold Hotels Portrait Monika

Moni - Hotel Manager

Back home, I trained as a tourism clerk and then did a master's degree in tourism and culture, specialising in event management. By now, I am Hotel Manager of Bold Frankfurt Messe, although titles are of secondary importance to me. For me, it is essential to start every working day with a smile, and my goal is job satisfaction. And secretly, I dream of running my own hotel :) My working day is super varied. I am up for anything every day and create feel-good moments wherever I can. Even if this means work. I am happy to learn something new every day and, most of all, when guests leave our hotel with a smile on their faces.

My Bold Superpower: There's no such thing as can't be done! I am an organisation queen (and a little control freak).

Bold Campus Portrait Visakan

Visakan - Banquet Coordinator

I am a banquet coordinator at the Bold Campus in Königstein. Before this, I completed a classic apprenticeship as a hotel manager. Every day of my work is different in some way. My job is to respond to individual event requests and to take care of the supervision of the guests during the events. What I enjoy most is dealing with people. It's always exciting to get to know different people and to exchange views with them. That's also the beauty of the hotel business: a varied range of tasks and a lot of individual contact with the guests. As my next career step, I am aiming for the deputy head of the department.

My Bold Superpower: I am an absolute good mood person and genuinely flexible.

Bold Campus Portrait Brhane

Brhane - Apprentice Chef

I inherited the love for flavours and tastes from my brother, who is a cook in our home country Eritrea. Now I am training to be a chef at Bold Campus. My main task at the moment is to prepare starters, such as salads, antipasti platters and other such dishes. The atmosphere in the team is great, the interaction with colleagues is lots of fun, and I enjoy experimenting with different things on the job as much as feasible. At Bold Campus, I really like that the kitchen team has many different "fields of operation". We prepare meals and snacks for conferences and events and also à la carte meals and menus for the restaurant. But what we also do are kitchen parties. Here we interact directly with the guests. As a chef in a restaurant, you usually don't experience that much variety.

My Bold Superpower: Really, I'm always up for a laugh.

Bold Hotels Portrait Carina

Carina - Head of Digital Innovation

After my business studies at the University of Applied Sciences with a major in Marketing & Controlling, I immediately came to digital marketing thanks to my first job. Various positions led me first to the travel industry and now to the accommodation sector. My scope of work has initially included the Bold Hotels and Bold Campus website, many steps along the user journey and performance topics such as lead generation, SEO and SEA. As I had already worked cross-functionally in my previous job, the leap into digital-only was a natural one. The scope of my team's work is super diverse and now extends throughout the entire company. Every day in my job holds a variety of tasks and some surprises, which pleasantly expand my comfort zone and my horizons. My office is located in the Bold Campus. This means I can be close to the team on site and get a taste of real hospitality.

My Bold Superpower: Walking marketing encyclopaedia and holistic solution finder.

Bold Campus Portrait Anton

Anton - Manager F&B

I completed an apprenticeship as a hotel clerk in my hometown of Marburg. Different professional stations have led me to the Bold Campus by now. Here I am the F&B manager with heart and soul. It gives me great pleasure to see the Bold brand grow, drive it forward and grow along with it. Every working day offers exciting challenges, and I am always learning something new. What I enjoy most about my job is being the perfect host for our guests. The unique attraction is that I always have the opportunity to meet and get to know many people from different cultures.

My Bold Superpower: Being a true improviser.

Bold Campus Portrait Flo

Flo - Sous Chef

Thanks to my family, especially my grandmother, gastronomy has always accompanied me since I was a child. All my work placements at school were in the gastronomy sector: in restaurants, hotels, catering and event companies. These experiences convinced me to train as a chef. Now I am Sous Chef at the Bold Campus. Being the perfect host and bringing a smile to the guests' faces with my food is very close to my heart. Nevertheless, I would also like to develop further and, for example, switch to the F&B area. The most enjoyable thing about my job is that you never really stop learning. Being a chef means you are very flexible and is allowing you to work anywhere in the world always getting to know new people and cultures. That's also what makes working in the hotel industry so special: a regular working day that is challenging, varied, creative and full of new insights.

My Bold Superpower: Introducing home 2.0 to the plates.

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