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Hygiene concept at Bold Campus

To ensure a relaxed and carefree stay, our team has been working tirelessly to implement comprehensive hygiene & protection measures.

In order to protect our guests and employees from the further spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have developed a hygiene concept, according to the governments guidelines. Our concept will ensure a safe stay as well as relaxed events in our building. The measures currently implemented are regularly evaluated, further developed and adapted, based on the recommendations from authorities and experts.

Please also note the current travel regulations as well as latest information on mandatory masks and tests that apply in Königstein (info currently only available in German).

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Unfortunately we are not allowed to welcome guests who have been in contact with COVID-19 patients within the last 14 days and/or guests who suffer from unspecific symptoms or respiratory symptoms of any severity.

Distance regulation

We will implement any regulations regarding hotels and restaurant, set by our government, throughout the entire building. We will ensure that our guests are able to enjoy themselves whilst being able to maintain social distancing. The minimum distance will be adhered to, for example by limiting the number of people in critical areas (e.g. the lift or the reception). In addition, distance markings and alternative routes through the building, with separate entrances and exits, have been introduced. Furthermore, partition walls made of acrylic glass have been installed at the reception, to decrease the spreading of Covid-19. In the meeting area, we have limited the number of participants per functionroom alongside the addition of alternative seeting arrangements. During the warmer months, meetings, coffee breaks and lunch/dinner can also take place in our extensive outdoor facilities.

Mouth & nose protection

Our staff members wear a medical mask. To ensure your health and theirs, we ask you to also wear a medical mask. You are obliged to wear a mask before entering the hotel and whenever you are in public areas. You are welcome to remove your mask as soon as you are seated, at a table in our restaurant, bar & eatery and lounge area.

Contactless payment

We are asking our guests to use the possibility, to pay contactless at our terminals on site or, if you book directly via our website, to pay online. In this case, you will comfortably receive your invoice as a PDF via e-mail. Upon your arrival your room card will be waiting for you at the reception


In the entrance area, in front of the toilets as well as in front of the conference rooms we have placed disinfection dispensers, which can be used free of charge at any time.

Comprehensive virus control and disinfection

To ensure a safe stay, we have enhanced our already very strict hygiene routines. Meaning, that we have increased not only the frequency but also the duration of all cleaning and desinfecting procedures. For instance, all areas in the hotel are cleaned regularly, according to the special protocols recommended by the health authorities, using surface cleaning agents certified by the RKI. Furthermore, so-called "high-touch items" such as switches, door handles, room cards as well as objects such as pens, which are commonly used in our conference areas, are regularly disinfected.

Our hotel rooms are ventilated with fresh air whilst cleaning after each occupancy. To minimise the spread of Covid-19, we refrain from displaying pens, brochures, remote controls and hygiene articles in our hotel rooms.


At the Bold Campus, you can start your day with an energising breakfast. Our delicious breakfast is currently available at stations at which you can choose from a variety of prepared dishes. Lunch and dinner are also available at serving stations in our restaurant or as an á la carte menu. You can enjoy your meal either at one of our dining tables in the restaurant, which are arranged to have more space between each other (following the governments guidelines), on one of our terraces, or as a picnic in our sprawling park.