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Local Hero: Halid Rizvanovic

parental advisory: the following content is not at all politically correct. To take the edge off. Life is good.

Please meet Frankfurtian comedian Halid Rizvanovic. With his shows and initiatives, he aims to make people laugh and sell as many tickets as possible. After all, his Mercedes doesn't pay for itself.

"Friedberg is worth a visit."

Halid Rizvanovic has lived in Frankfurt since 2004. Before, he drove everyone in Friedberg crazy with his constant jokes. Later, the small town that serves two highlights - one McDonald's and two gas stations - became too small for him. He probably stepped on the residents' toes one too many times, so it was time for the city. In Frankfurt, he and his Hood Comedy Crew (founded by him and ingenious Bruno Banarby) took over the still-young comedy scene and causes a serious stir.

"I'm just funny-boned. And good-looking."

I've always had a sense of humour and have never hidden it. I'm just a funny guy. It's in my bones - or so they say. That's why I'm convinced that my artistic streak, sense of humour, and, of course, my people inspired me to become a comedian. It is an advantage that there are not so many Yugos active in this scene, and I can still draw some unused material from it. Of course, I have a clear advantage over the other comedians. Simply a good-looking guy...

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"Frankfurtians are fun, but no one has time. They're either busy hiding from the tax office or selling drugs."

Bruno Banarby and Halid Rizvanovic - two men - are laughing. They are standing in a street. One of the men is wearing a black jacket and sunglasses. He has short hair. The man on the right is wearing a bomber jacket, a fanny pack and a cap.
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"I am here now, don't worry, Frankfurt!"

Frankfurt is a hilarious city, and I am convinced people have a sense of humour. Unfortunately, there aren't many options in the Frankfurt comedy scene to provide enough space for people with a sense of humour. Apart from cinemas, shisha bars, and parties, there's not much to get together and have a good time. But that's what I'm here for now! For six years, I have been working to develop new formats for Frankfurt in the field of New School Urban Comedy. For example, the Hood Comedy project with an open mic format is now taking place for the 4th time and is also completely sold out. It's excellent. You'll find DJs, shishas, cool people, me, influencers, and lots of comedy. It's a tiny movement with an extensive community behind it. New School Urban Comedy. That's what Frankfurt was missing.

"People want to gift me their car after shows. No shit."

I do Comedy for a living, and it makes me happy. Being a comedian is often underestimated. It's hard to be creative at any given second. But after so many years of hustling, I could finally take my mom and brother on vacation. That's when I realized what a privilege it is to be able to do something you enjoy. If I weren't a comedian, I'd be a motivational speaker. I would totally pass! Imagine: "Frank, get up! The glass is half-full! Go get them! New Payback points are coming next month! Cheer up, go talk to a woman." Yeah, that's exactly where I could see myself.

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“Comedy connects people.”

I think people need to laugh more. People get upset about everything anyway. That’s why I prefer comedy. At a comedy show, no one punches each other in the face. At our shows, we don’t even need a bouncer. People laugh together, relax, and cultures are brought to life. At the show’s end, Thomas understands why Ahmed shouts when he’s on the phone. Because it’s normal. Our events contribute to cultural appreciation. Like when Hood Comedy was in Munich (link). We laughed together, drank, ate, and I dissed the Head of Marketing - my highlight. A vibe you only get at Bold.

“Are we politically correct? 100% not.”

Nowadays, we must be cautious about what to say and what not. If I joke about someone in the crowd because they have a dog with them, they should understand that it’s not meant personally. It’s the show. No one needs to feel attacked. These 45 min are about taking everything with humour. Otherwise, one can’t stand this hyper-political climate. Sure, you need the balls to say “Kanake“ to a group of Turks in the crowd, but in that moment, it’s funny. Everyone is different. At couples jokes, maybe the couples don’t laugh, but the Kanaks do, and the other way around. It’s essential not to take everything too seriously and to be able to laugh about yourself.

"It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, as long as it finances my Mercedes. No, the main point is to be able to laugh together."

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"Sightseeing in Frankfurt? Sure. McDonald's at Konsti. It is the best. It has eight cash registers."

But seriously. If you like House, it's Karlson, Velvet or Gibson. And you should check out Club Freud and, of course, Adlib. These clubs are definitely among the best in Frankfurt. Many tourists believe bankers own Frankfurt during the day, and at night, only the crack-heads swarm the Bahnhofsviertel. But it's not like that. It's a prejudice. At least for the most part. In reality, Frankfurt is ultra-divers. At night, people meet in clubs and party together. Bankers, doctors, lawyers, and drug dealers. Everybody. Then it doesn't matter who you are or what you do. When the sun rises, everyone goes back to their lives. Sadly, it's hard to get into Frankfurt's In-Crowd. You have to be in the know to figure out where the cool stuff is happening. So a little tip, ask Bold. I am serious about McD at Konsti. It's fast, and everyone is there. Otherwise, I recommend my cousin's place: BonVivant. So, cousin and McD. Typical places t visit in Frankfurt are Bergerstraße, Zeil, and Fressgass. And, of course, the best view of Frankfurt is from the Taunus. Half of Frankfurt runs there to clear their heads.

"Sure, I say that Bold Campus is awesome."

I feel relief when I go from the commotion of the big city into the quiet of nature, you know. To the Bold Campus, for example (Editor's interpretation). It's like switching off when I see mountains reaching into the sky. Our planet is mighty. I realize that over and over again.

If you need a break, get in the car and get out of the city.

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