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Bold Women

Curtains up for striking personalities of our bold team.

To celebrate #internationalwomensday during Bold #womensweek we put the spotlight on the strong and inspirational women behind Bold. 

From Housekeeping to Marketing: we caught up with nine superwomen working in different departments about their dreams and wishes and their perspectives on working in hospitality.

We are exceptionally proud to have countless inspiring females on board. Nonetheless, we made it our mission to provide an equal, inclusive and diverse work environment. Our value-driven leadership supports and empowers not only women, but every single team member to unlock their potential and succeed in the hospitality industry of tomorrow.  

Equal Pay, equality and real careers are on your agenda, too? Then join the tribe!

Yvonne and Julia, the management team of Bold Campus


They're Bold

Moni, a smiling you woman with long blond hair


Moni, General Manager at Bold Hotel Frankfurt 

Moni, General Manager
of Bold Frankfurt Messe

Moni is strong. Born in Bosnia, she fled her war-suffering home to Germany being only a child. After being deported, she went to Croatia and graduated with a Master's Degree in Hotelmanagemt. We are grateful that then, more than five years ago, she became part of the Bold Community working at the front office of Bold Frankfurt Messe. Today, she manages the Hotel in Frankfurt.

Moni in three words?

Ambitious. Loyal. Team player.

Your thoughts on working at Bold?

At Bold, absolutely no differences are made in terms of gender, origin or appearance. I am simply Moni here. Our team is diverse, multicultural and it feels like one big community. We work together as equals and it's just fun.

What means Bold to you?

It means being free and courageous, speaking your opinion openly and accepting those of others.

What's your favourite memory at Bold?

Bold gave me the love of my life: Miro. I met him here and we are still a happy couple.

What's your superpower?

I am a genuine organisation queen.

Who inspires you?

My mum. She is just so strong and has always done the best for us.

What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

I would say to myself: Have courage! I was much too shy when I was younger and in the end, it wasn't necessary. Bold is the best example that no one has to pretend anything to succeed.

Julia, a woman with long hair and a big tattoo on her back


Julia, Deputy General Manager at Bold Campus

Julia, Deputy General Manager
of Bold Campus

If Julia isn't organising events or taking care of guests at Bold Campus, she is most likely to be found out and about in nature with Labrador Ben, her furry companion. Julia basically was born into gastronomy and still thrives on making events happen. 

Julia in three? 

Organised. Fearless. Strong-willed.

Is there anything you miss working at Bold? What could be even better?

Spontaneously, I'd say we all need to talk more: People, Colleagues, Hotels, internally & externally. Additionally, like many others, we suffer from an acute shortage of skilled staff in the hotel industry.

What is bold about Bold?

We don't have one of those old-school hierarchies. We are all on eye level. Amongst the team and with the guests. And we can actually be who we are. 

What do you want?

A bar on an island with only ten inhabitants. Everything to be in order and structure. 

What kind of advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Do everything exactly the way you did - only with much more self-confidence.

Anything you'd like to add?

Women empower women with open and honest appreciation. This also applies to my team and our employees. It strengthens self-confidence and creates an environment of empowered females. 

Samira, an assertive, oriental-looking young woman


Samira, Dual Student Marketing

Samira, Dual Student
in Marketing

Hannah Montana Fangirl and creative Wizzard. Samira loves to explore the globe and get to know other cultures. As part of the marketing department, she loves shooting ideas and obsessing over things.

What do you love about your job?

Bold is my second home. I feel safe here and welcomed every day. I love giving free rein to my creativity and working on different tasks every day.

What does Bold mean?

Daring to risk new things and have the courage to do things differently. At Bold, you don't have to be afraid of being a re-invented version of yourself each day.

What did you want to be when you grow up?

I really wanted to become a singer. I was a huge Hannah Montana fan and even got a microphone for my 6th birthday ;).

Which woman inspires you the most?

My mum. She is a very strong person with a tough character. Without her, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Thanks to her, I have both feet on the ground and I don't let anyone drag me down. She shows me that I am special and that I don't have to pretend in order to achieve my goals.

What's your biggest dream?

Visiting Japan one day.

Yvonne, a strong woman with blonde hair and an attentive gaze


Yvonne, General Manager at Bold Campus

Yvonne, General Manager
of Bold Campus

Yvonne is a force of nature and gets things done. As the niece of two hotel managers, dog lover Yvonne was able to get a taste of hotel life at an early age. Today, she runs Bold Campus near Frankfurt with passion, courage and her exceptional team.

Please describe yourself in three words!

Loud. Quick. Emotional.

What is working at Bold like?

At Bold, equality between men and women is guaranteed. Even better, many of our management positions are held by women. I am perceived as a role model here, which makes me very happy. There are also great opportunities to support each other and to encourage other women in what they do.

What does being Bold mean?

Being brave is better than being perfect. And also being allowed to admit mistakes. It takes courage to be creative and to dare to do something new.

What's your superpower?

Enthusiasm and courage.

What would you love to do this year?

Do everything we have renounced for the last two years. Above all, being light-hearted in all we choose to do.