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More than a tough shell: Bold Men

The spotlight is on for exceptional characters.

Just as we proudly introduced our wonderful Bold Superwomen last year, we now present to you our legendary Bold Men.

From Banquet to F&B Director - in this interview, six men from different departments were interviewed about their inspiration, challenges and their experiences in the hotel industry.

We are exceptionally proud to have countless inspiring individuals on board. Nonetheless, we made it our mission to provide an equal, inclusive and diverse work environment. Our value-driven leadership supports and empowers not only men, but every single team member to unlock their potential and succeed in the hospitality industry of tomorrow.  

Equal Pay, equality and real careers are on your agenda, too? Then join the tribe!

Bold Campus Portrait Visakan

They're Bold

Bold Campus Portrait Visakan


Visakan, Supervisor Banquet & Rooms at Bold Campus

Visakan, Supervisor Banquet & Rooms
at Bold Campus

A man for everything: that's Supervisor Banquet & Rooms Visakan. For three years running, he has been overseeing events at Bold. With his open and friendly demeanor, he creates a pleasant moment for every guest and colleague at Bold.

Visakan's superpower to go... Thank you!

My Bold superpower? I am a jack-of-all-trades!

What would you do differently in your life?

With my current mindset, I would definitely do a few things differently.

What does being bold mean?

It means choosing to be brave rather than perfect. And being able to admit mistakes as well. You need courage to be creative and venture into new things.

Bold in three words?

Exciting. Interesting. Flexible.

Visakan's dream job as a child?

I actually wanted to become many things - from an engineer to a forensic doctor... Now I'm here at Bold. Of course!

Support in Visakan's style?

I always have a listening ear, and people around me know that. I help where I can. The well-being of others is absolutely important to me, so I approach people and ask if they're doing well. Like I said, a man for everything.

Alex, a man with many facets, dark, short hair, and glasses.


Alexander, F&B Director at Bold Campus

Alexander, F&B Director
at Bold Campus

Whether it's training sessions, delicious snacks, or even putting on music at the DJ deck, Alex is up for it all. Since March 2022, he has been supporting the F&B team wherever he can and lending a hand to his colleagues.

What does being bold mean to you?

Being bold to me means I can be myself. I don't have to pretend or be someone I'm not! Just casual, trendy, and relaxed.

Your Bold superpower?

I don't have 'one superpower'...I try to excel in whatever I could be something related to food and drinks, training for colleagues, but also cool wine tastings... or you might even find me at the DJ deck spinning some chill electro beats.

What would you do differently?

I'm not keen on looking back, and I also have no regrets about anything I've done in the past, as every experience can shape us in some way. I prefer to look forward and try to make the right decisions for the future!

Alex in three words, please!

Versatile. Cheerful. Caring.

Masculinity evolving, what should a man be today? Compassionate or macho?

I believe that today's man needs to embody a bit of everything. The image of a man is being portrayed as more progressive and open-hearted than it used to be. Nowadays, men coexist in equal harmony with strong women, so it's part of the package that they can be loving and empathetic but also strong when necessary. Like any person, regardless of gender, they're allowed to maintain their strength. However, I am of the opinion that the macho behavior of some men should definitely belong to the past and is no longer appropriate.

Damir, a heartfelt man with glasses


Damir, Front Office Agent at Bold Campus

Damir, Front Office Agent
at Bold Campus

A person of the heart and authentic. That's exactly who our Front Office Agent Damir is. He discovered his passion for hospitality and has enriched the Bold Crew for 14 years with his warmth and constant good mood.

Damir's Bold superpower?

My superpower? Quite simply, I perceive the people around me and bring them together. For a lovely gathering.

Your inspiration?

My family, especially my mom. A single mother of three children, who fled from Bosnia to Germany on her own. An absolute powerhouse who supported us and taught us to fight for our goals. An absolute inspiration for me!

What do you appreciate about Bold?

I can be myself! At Bold, we're not just employees or colleagues, we are all unique individuals and are acknowledged as such.

Damir in three words?

Direct. Honest. Reliable.

Your ultimate Bold Experience?

The transition from old to new. Being part of everything and mastering it together as a team. I have gained numerous valuable experiences through this process, which I truly cherish.

Yassine, an assertive, oriental-looking man


Yassine, Breakfast Manager at Bold Hotel Munich Giesing

Yassine, Breakfast Manager
at Bold Munich Giesing

New country, new language, new environment, but completely Bold. Yassine has been in Germany for five years now. As breakfast manager at Bold Hotel Munich Giesing he enriches the team with his personality and character.

What does Bold mean to you?

The word 'Bold' has various meanings. It stands for being able to be yourself and behaving the way you like. I see a strong connection between Bold and strength because without strength, one can never truly be bold.

Conquering challenges the Yassine way

For most people coming to Germany, it's initally challenging to engage in conversations and to spend time with others. New workplaces and different approaches in various hotels present additional challenges. My approach has always been to tackle difficult tasks step by step and master them over time. Be bold, be you!

Who inspires you?

I was mostly inspired by my father, who unfortunately has passed away. He always showed me how important it is to take care of the family and take responsibility to support the family and be there whenever help is needed. He truly was the greatest superhero in my life.

What do you do for others?

It's important to put yourself in the other person's shoes when hearing something heartfelt, rather than just listening to it. That way, you can offer valuable advice.

What does Yassine do for himself?

Personally, I strive every day to be better than the last one. I regularly assess my habits and try to improve those that could have a negative impact on the future, replacing them with new rituals.

Rene, with an eye for details, with dark, short hair


Rene, Banquet Staff at Bold Campus

René, Banquet Staff
at Bold Campus

Bold Superman René has been darting across Bold Campus from one building to another for 12 years  now. And when he's not doing that, you'll find him in his beautifully furnished apartment - almost straight out of a magazine, or better yet, just like at Bold. With his sharp eye for details, he supports his team in the banquet department.

What does being bold mean to you, René?

To me, it means being courageous and free enough to truly be myself.

What would you change?

That's not my priority. I would do everything just the way it happened, because everything has its purpose. I am content with everything, and that's what counts.

What's me-time René style?

I enjoy unwinding in nature. One good stroll and I'm instantly feeling better.

Masculinity evolving, what should a man be today? Compassionate or macho?

What the man has to be today? A bit of everything, short and to the point. It's comprehensible... isn't it?

Bold in three words?

Creative. Diverse. Thrilling.

Adrian, down-to-earth and Bold, with short, dark hair


Adrian, Convention Sales at Bold Campus

Adrian, Convention Sales
at Bold Campus

Grounded and simultaneously completely Bold. Adrian keeps the Convention Sales team entertained with good jokes and inner calm during the week. Otherwise, you'll often find him exploring different cities.

Your inspiration?

My father! He never gave up, even when he was seriously ill. He kept fighting, whether it was health-related or in his career. Giving up is not an option for him, and therefore not for me either. He's my role model in every aspect.

What do you appreciate at Bold?

The work-life-balance. Working during the week and having weekenends off proves that leisure time is not compromised here. Despite being in the hospitality industry, Bold gives everyone the opportunity to relax and take a break from all the hustle and bustle.

What did you want to become as a child?

A garbage collector, solely because of the orange vests. 'Black is the new orange', I would say at this point.

What do you do to support others?

I sometimes volunteer at an association. Meals are distributed daily to those in need. During Christmas, gifts are wrapped and given to children with cancer. A project dear to my heart.

Masculinity evolving, what should a man be today? Compassionate or macho?

A healthy mix of everything: a certain strength should not be lost; you simply need it sometimes in life so as not to take certain things too much to heart. However, this applies to all people, regardless of their gender. The priority is to be polite and caring to everyone.