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To the Bold Campus





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To start and end your day

Bold Bar & Lounge

Lounge overlooking a bar and tables with chairs at the back of the window. Upholstered benches with wooden tables and colourful decorative cushions and accessories. Books hang on hooks on the wall to the left.

To fuel your day

Breakfast & Drinks

Our breakfast takes the more sustainable route.

Plant-based or vegetarian, there is experimentation and portioning. Animal products are only served if they come from a sound source. We value regional and mostly seasonal products. Always something new for a lot of taste. We put good food on your plate, you get deliciously full and less food ends up in the bin.

Breakfast at Bold Munich Centre

Have a tasty breakfast with us:

Monday to Friday from 6.30 to 10am.
On weekends and public holidays from 7am to 11am.

Ask away for gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan alternatives.

Bar opening hours

At the bar we create distinctive drink experiences from your preferred flavours and refreshing classics with that special something.

Our bar is open around the clock.

Swing by in the evening and call it a day with a nice long-drink and a friendly chat.

A yummy selection of fresh baked goods from the organic bakery next door.
A closer look at the different fresh and colourful spreads.
A close-up of fresh, local fruit
In a leafy courtyard, stylish, colourful chairs with a woman with long brown hair sitting on the left, holding a coffee cup. To her right is a man with brown hair and a beard, they are smiling at each other.