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Local Hero: Wilma Mankel

Wilma Mankel is an entrepreneur, a female innovator and an advocate for women's empowerment.

She's coming to Bold Campus from March 7th -8th 2024 with her "Female Innovators Conference". For two days, everything will revolve around women, innovation, cohesion, networking and, of course, female empowerment.

Female Innovators Conference


Our Local Hero: Founder Wilma Mankel

An interview with Wilma Mankel:

Dear Wilma, what challenges do you see for women in business today and what can we do about them?

Women face a different starting point in business than men. There is often a difficult choice to make between having children and having a career. Unfortunately, compatibility is still not an automatic given. When women do choose a career, they lack female role models, are often the only woman in certain meetings and face the challenge of the glass ceiling. It is therefore crucial to promote diversity in teams, provide mentoring programmes and ensure equal pay for equal work. And, in larger companies, to provide childcare!

What is the Female Innovators Conference? What role does it play for you in empowering women?

The Female Innovators Conference focuses on the remarkable innovative power of women. In my opinion, this is under-recognised.

Female empowerment is very important to me: I grew up on a farm and it was very clear that if you did a man's job, you had a man's rights. It wasn't until I started working that I realised this wasn't always the case. I personally lacked female role models.

What is your vision for the development and importance of women in business?

Since women make up 50% of the population, it would be desirable for them to hold 50% of the positions in companies - at all levels of the hierarchy. A realistic threshold for true equality is probably 30-40%. A single female director on an otherwise male-dominated board is simply not enough.

Who or what inspires you every day?

I am inspired every day by the people I come into contact with. I am particularly impressed by the energy and passion that many women have for their work and for making a difference. This positive energy inspires me, and walks in the forest give me the opportunity to reflect and plan new projects.

What is your superpower?

I define myself as a facilitator. Someone who initiates things, gets things moving and brings people together - I do this with empathy and positive thinking. Because a day I don't laugh or make others laugh is a day lost.

What is your resolution for this year?

To take one step a day in the direction I want to go. After 365 days, I'm curious to see how far I've come. To celebrate small successes and spend time with friends. And of course... to finally finish my book on female innovators.