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Kitchen Stories #1

On Delicious Food and Culinary Events

"Love. Passion. And a piece of childhood memories.“

That's what makes good food for our creative kitchen crew. They are developing varied and innovative creations for our guests at Bold Campus. During cooking classes and show cookings, they take small and larger teams and groups on culinary journeys into new spheres of flavours.

Vegetarian. Regional. Seasonal. No challenges for the well versed team, but rather numerous opportunities to create new taste experiences. This joy of experimentation is combined with a lot of respect for our planet because we have set out to become more and more sustainable. 

Tattooed man in dark cooking apron holds a bunch of beetroot with both hands into the camera.


Bold Campus Food Asparagus
Bold Campus Food Bruschetta
A set wooden table with breakfast ingredients such as porridge, fruit, sandwiches, croissants, and orange juice in front of a large window overlooking a park.
Bold Campus Coffee Break Selection

A sustainable breakfast concept with a beautiful view

Open-mindedly Delicious: Our Kitchen Concept

We love the dishes from our region, local ingredients, and the charm of the season. We rediscover the old and enhance what is good.

For example, our diverse porridge & sandwich creations in the morning. Sweet and savoury breakfast ideas to try and share. From Superfood to the Mediterranean. The protagonists: colourful vegetables, delicious fruits, and fresh herbs. And if you prefer bacon on top, then only a regional one, fresh from the market.

In the evening, our kitchen crew likes to delight their guests with unusual creations inspired by the surrounding Taunus. Almost every day, the team is serving regional dishes with a pinch of experimentation.

Indulgence & Conviviality: A New Sense of Togetherness

Our kitchen crew is not only thrilled about all the happy faces in our restaurant. They also love to take others into the culinary world. Most of all, they loves to share their anecdotes with guests during culinary events at Bold Campus.

Think a birthday party with friends, a corporate event, or team building - it doesn't matter. The way to a man's or woman's heart is through the stomach - whatever the occasion.


Culinary active - but in a different way

Eventful show cookings, interactive cooking classes and exciting insights that are sure to make foodie hearts beat faster. Together you can give free reign to your creativity in the atrium lounge & kitchen in a large or small group.

Whether ayurvedic, vegetarian, or vegan, develop something new, let it taste like home. Join our kitchen team in the search for long-forgotten vegetables and discover old, new worlds. Cook together, challenge each other. Whip cream like there is no tomorrow; peel onions until the first tears are rolling. Be together - but in a different way.

On top of that, be surprised with some exciting knowledge about regional tastes and herbs. 

Root vegetables on a wooden table, above it the arms of a person who is snapping a small bunch of carrots in half


Fresh and delicious food is made by hand

Bold Campus Atrium Lounge Kitchen (1)


Where the magic happens – atrium lounge & kitchen

Kitchen parties at their best!

The concept of our newly designed atrium lounge & kitchen at Bold Campus focuses on this very aspect. Full-service bar, modern show kitchen, spacious restaurant, and a terrace surrounded by greenery. The setting here is always perfect for a culinary get-together. Whether you want to stand behind the cooker or hit the dancefloor, all is within reach.

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