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A Bold 

Bold Campus Taunus Mixed Forest

Unplug to recharge

A Bold Getaway

The beauty of life is the balance between work, play and pleasure. For this reason, we invite you to the next Bold Getaway in October at  Bold Campus.

A carefully curated concept awaits you, from breakfast to the last drink, all while connecting to the stimulating Bold Community. Recharge and reboot to regain your full potential. By day we train body and mind; by night, we experience untold stories. With workouts, mindfulness and plenty of inspiration, you indulge in a long-awaited recuperation.

Experience four days and three nights with six workouts, two outdoor events, meditations and yoga, a concert and a cooking class. See the full programme here.

Secure your spot now!

30.09. - 03.10.2022
4 Days, 3 Nights from € 798 


Stay Tuned: New dates are soon to be published!

Bold Campus Workout Exhale


Bold Getaways

are all about holistic fitness and wellbeing experiences. A nature-centred journey interweaving fitness, mindfulness, community and inspiration – curated for those who seek to combine work, play and pleasure.

We take a contemporary approach to health, without being rigid. Our retreats don’t follow enforced detoxing, but invite you to do right by your body, soul and mind. We create an open-minded place to work out, relax and where you can really let your hair down. Indulge in a magical retreat experience alongside like-minded people, to recharge after you have given your all at work.

In short, feeling and moving freely and enjoying the things that matter in life.

Secure your spot now for our Bold Getaway (fall edition) from 30.09. - 03.10.2022!

Fitness, Mindfulness & More

During our morning practices, you will be guided through dynamic yoga sessions or workouts to embrace your energy and the ability to move.

The daytime allows us to connect with nature. We walk, breathe and reset during guided hikes through the nature reserve Taunus or during Shinrin Yoku.

Evening practices will include a mixture of meditation and restorative yin yoga or a challenging HIIT Session. A diverse and balanced program with different practices for body and mind.

At night, we will spark the community spirit during a cooking class, a unplugged concert with Chanin and a live DJ set.

While many experiences will be as a group, there will be plenty of space to enjoy time to yourself and focus on your personal journey. In your room, the pool, the park or the sauna.

Indulgence & Simplicity

At Bold Campus, we merge simplicity with indulgence. Our kitchen crew focuses on thought-out eating experiences, with dishes far from extravagant; they are uncomplicated, healthy and tasty. Many dishes are plant-based. If not, our dairy or meat is sourced locally. Expect a creative menu - combining local and seasonal ingredients with the taste of the Taunus.

We believe, that pleasure is as important in life as discipline. So we invite you to enjoy a few drinks at the bar, local wines and outstanding cocktails at night. It’s all about balance here.

  • Programme

  • Day One: Arrival & Kick-Start


      • 2 pm - Check-in: Time to get into the vibe. Check-in and make yourself comfortable in your room.

      • 3 pm - Charge Up: Fill up on healthy smoothies and power snacks, coffee and tea.

      • 5 pm - Workout: Dive into your well-week with a yoga or HIIT group session before dinner. (45-60 m)

      • from 7 pm - Dinner: Pleasure after pleasure with this 3-course meal (drinks not incl.)

      • Community Spirit: Get together with the other retreaters at the Bold bar & eatery during a live DJ-Set and with really good drinks. 
  • Day Two: Going Deeper


      • 7 am-11 am – Breakfast: Full feast or light kickstart into your day. As you prefer.

      • 8 am - Yoga: Enjoy a themed group session with experienced Yogis or Yoginis leading the tribe. (45-60 m)

      • 11 am - Hike & Lunch (to go): Explore the Taunus with a guided hike and recharge during an outdoor lunch. (Bring a rain coat, just in case!)

      • 12 pm - 2 pm - Lunch Bowls for Non-Hikers: Pure bliss with a dash of healthiness.

      • 3 pm -  Charge Up: Fill up on healthy smoothies and power snacks, coffee and tea.

      • 4 pm - HIIT: Strengthen your body in this intense group session. (45-60 m)

      • In-between: Time for the sauna, pool or enjoying a drink at the bar.

      • 7 pm - Cooking Class Atrium Lounge: Healthy food made by you. Be surprised!
  • Day Three: Inspiration & Mindfulness


      • 7 am -10 am – Breakfast: Full feast or light kickstart into your day. As you prefer.

      • 8 am - HIIT: Kick-start your day with this fun but challenging group workout (45-60 m)

      • 11 am - Forest Bath with Yoga: Light, airy and grounding. Connect during Shinrin Yoku to nature and yourself. (Indoor alternative: Sound Bath & Sauna)

      • 12 pm -  Lunch Bowls & Charge Up: Fill up on healthy lunch bowls, smoothies and power snacks, coffee and tea.

      • 5 pm - Yoga Wind down in this calming and relaxing, extra long yoga group session with closing meditation (90 m)

      • 7 pm - Dinner: Pleasure after pleasure with this 3-course meal (drinks not incl.)

      • 8 pm - Unplugged Concert: A breathtaking, touching live session with Chanin during and after dinner.
  • Day Four: Reset


      • 8 am-1 pm – Brunch: Today we’ll take it slow with a super brunch.

      • 10 am - Workout: Shake off last night's shenanigans with a resetting Yoga or sweaty HIIT session.

      • until 2 pm – Check out
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

      • Can I come alone?

        Yes, in fact, we’d love you to come on your own, so you can truly focus on yourself! There will be other solo travelers too, so that's already one (of many) things you will have in common.

      • I am a beginner in yoga and fitness, can I still come?

        Absolutely! In fact, our sessions are designed so all participants can evolve - from beginners to pros. Everyone will have a good experience.

      • Do you have vegan and gluten free options?

        Yes! We are very considerate when it comes to food requirements. Nonetheless, please inform us prior to the Getaway about your dietary needs.

      • Do I have to take part in all the activities?

        If you feel like you need to retreat to your room or go to the park instead of a practice, you are more than welcome to do so. Our schedule is only an invitation, that you can always decline. Do what feels right for you.​

      • How do I get to Bold Campus?
        There is a train from Frankfurt, and we have charging stations for EVs. Please visit our contact page for further information.

      • What is included in the fee?

        All your practices, activities, the evening entertainment and the use of the pool & sauna. All meals & snacks are included as well. However, drinks are not included, apart from some water during your workout.

      • What shall I bring with me?

        Make sure you bring shoes or boots for light hiking, a couple of sets of workout clothes, gym shoes and swim wear. We recommend to bring a raincoat or rain jacket and a hat for all outdoor experiences. We don’t back out due to a couple of raindrops. For hikes it is always best to dress “onion-style”. And for the evenings: Casual or smart, elegant or glittery – just be yourself.

A Bold Getaway: Activities & Events

Bold Campus Yoga Tree Pose

Yoga Group Session 

From Hatha to Vinyasa, from energising to grounding. Our daily rotating yoga classes are made to make you feel light, strong and healthy.

Group sessions lead by experienced Yogis and Yoginis.

Man Hiking Forest


A guided tour through the Taunus to make you feel grounded, open-hearted and calm. A healthy outdoor Lunch is included.

Theme: Taunus & Healing Climate.

Bold Campus Workout Plank


Power up your strength during our group HIIT sessions with daily changing programs. Break a sweat and feel more powerful every day. Guided by our one and only Boot Camp Master Gordon.

Singer-songwriter Chanin with his guitar

Unplugged Concert

On Sunday night, singer-songwriter Chanin will give you all the feels with a touching live concert. You're in for a treat.

Easter Getaway Forest Bathing

Forest Bath with Yoga

Stillness. A cool breeze. Shades of green dancing around you. A deep connection to our forest and a unique experience.

Inspired by Japanese Shinrin Yoku, traditional Meditation and Yoga techniques.

Bold Campus Porridge Bowl Fruits Closeup

Charge up

Indulge yourself with a daily dose of little treats: Delicious cakes and sweets from our manufactory or healthy homemade smoothies. All accompanied by calming teas and energising coffee.

Kitchen Party

Cooking Class at Atrium

Reward yourself with some fun in the process. While everyone cooks together with our Kitchen Crew in the middle of the crowd, there is input worth knowing. Afterwards, the atmosphere is so hot that there are cool beats and good drinks to cool you down.

Play and pleasure at it’s best.